Return to Sender:
A Comedic Space Musical

(Paper Puppet Musical, 2020)

When the air on their home planet became toxic, an alien race packed up their entire civilization and set out for a new uninhabited planet. But now they're running low on fuel and might need to settle for the next closest planet. The only problem? Earth is already occupied! To avoid a war, they'll need to come up with a new plan fast. And surprisingly, their best chance might be a human woman who turns out a little different than expected.

*Story, Art, and Animation by Fred Almengor, Lynn Almengor, and Laura Buttenbusch
*Directed and Edited by Fred Almengor
*Songs by Laura Buttenbusch

False Awakening

(Film, 2008)

Cynical and resentful, Vincent tests the nature of trust in relationships, using his best friend Donovan as an unknowing lab rat. However, when tragedy results, leaving Donovan out for revenge against an unknown enemy, Vincent finds it increasingly difficult to play the role of confidant, and retreats into his own separate world where the truth is even less evident.

*Written, directed, photographed and edited by Lynn Almengor
*Starring Daniel C. Smith, Tad Schlegel, Laura E. Buttenbusch and Jennifer Jaynes
*Original Score by Chris Holland

Armageddon Confession

(Film, 2007)

Kara is morbidly obsessed with her ever-failing attempts to live life to it's fullest. Determined to end her depression, she transfers from her local community college in hopes to start anew, away from the restrictions of her religious minister mother, and the memory of an abusive best friend. Finding her demons aren't that easy to hide from, Kara struggles to confront them and venture out from behind the shadow of other people's lives to begin her own.

*Written, directed, and edited by Lynn Almengor
*Starring Jennifer Jaynes, Laura E. Buttenbusch, and Daniel C. Smith
*Photographed by Jason Zapata
*Kara's Artwork by Sarah Barnette