About Lynn

Writer. Existentialist. Crazy Ferret Lady.

Lynn Almengor, owner and operator of Plaid Core Productions, has been writing contemporary fiction since 2005 when she wrote and directed her first feature-length independent film. She holds a BA in Video Communication from Arcadia University and currently works as a Web Producer in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA. When not writing, she can usually be found playing video games, watching "bad" movies, or goofing off with her husband and their ferrets.


Aside from a one-time purchase of a halfway decent video camera, Lynn's films were produced for under $500 each, with the cash going mostly toward hard drives, mini-dv tapes, and pizza. LOTS of pizza. The incredibly generous actors worked pro bono and were mainly college theatre students, with most of the extras being family and friends who doubled as crew. Filming took place primarily in the homes of these family and friends, in public spaces, and at local small businesses. The finished films were screened at The Hiway Theatre in Jenkintown, PA, and are currently available on YouTube.


After a few films, Lynn decided the limitations of guerrilla filmmaking were holding her stories back and began focusing solely on her main love of writing. Her debut novel, Now That We're Adults, won an Indie BRAG Medallion and was named one of the "Best Books of 2016" by BlueInk Review. Because she loves meeting readers and other authors, Lynn often attends book festivals throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and has spoken about writing at conventions such as MAGFest and AwesomeCon.

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